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The Wonder years
I was driving to work today and owing to really bad traffic in Airport Road, I was forced to take a detour through Cambridge lay-out.
Now for the uninitiated, I grew up in that neighborhood. And today as I was driving past what used to be my house, I saw my old neighbor auntie who still lives in the ground floor of the building. Now, this auntie popularly referred to as Susheela Auntie, mostly because Susheela is her name and auntie because she is too old to be called anything else, I never really liked. She was a kind of mean woman who would actually tell me things like "Oh! I see you haven’t taken bath as yet. It’s all because unlike me who wants to spend time with my kids, you mother cares most about her work." Now I know this seems shockingly scarring but really for me it was like water off a duck’s back.
Anyway so I started thinking about how it was growing up. Fortunately unlike Kevin from Wonder Years I didn’t grow up and then rape a girl at 16 but reall…