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2006 - A love Story
This by far is the most hysterical thing you can do. Somebody sent me this link to a site. When you get on the site the compute pops up a lot of really silly questions like "enter an adjective", "enter the name of a person of the opposite sex", "enter more adjectives", "enter a place","enter your favourite thing to do" and so on and so forth.
After all that it gives you your love story

Here's mine

One Creepy Creep summer day at Katrigupe you see the most mean creature you have ever seen. His name is Anbu , and every move he makes just turns you on more and more. You nudge your best friend Nirmala and say, "Wow, that has to be the most Happy body I have ever seen." Suddenly, He looks in your direction and starts walking right towards you!!! He says, "I noticed you staring at me from over there. I just had to tell you, that I think you are so poignant , and was wondering if you'd like to go to Boriv…
Rajiv, Rajiv, you brilliant man.
I ain't no oppurtunist!
And my love for you is true.
Happy B'day Prahlad! Maybe we'll drink today, Maybe we won't. But We love you and remember for a drink, we are just a phone call away! Have a great B'Day!
Standing here until you make a move/Hanging by a moment here with you.

It was earlier this morning that I realised with an alarming note that my life has suddenly become directed by other people. Its no longer about what I want to do but about what everyone else in my life is doing and do I want to join in.
One year ago, I traded by singledom to get into a life of couplehood. While on the surface that seems like a great transition, the truth is I have lost a lot more of my identity in this year that I have growing up the last 27 years. I’m not saying this in a mildly resentful manner but more in a "I’m so shocked" manner. Now anyone who knows me, thinks (and quite rightly) that I’m the beholder of my destiny, the captain of my ship, the fore runner of my relay team so on and so forth. That I do things when I want them, how I want them and where I want them. People have the option of coming along or be left out.
Yet today, I’m standing still. Waiting for someone to tell me wh…
To other Bridgets

Read Bridget Jones, The edge of truth for the 375th time over the last weekend. Love this book. Even more, love this woman.
For a long time honestly believed Helen Fielding has been inspired by me while characterising Ms. Jones. Then spoke to 10 other girls who told me, Bridget Jones is sooooo them. So what them makes all working girls above 25 feel like they are Bridget Jones?
Is it the mad hair? The haywire financial and Love life? The one perfect guy that gets away and comes back? Is it the ever-supporting friends whose solution to most problems is alcohol? The psychotic mother? I don’t know, maybe its all of it. Maybe at the heart of it Bridget Jones is just a really really insightful book. Or maybe Helen Fielding remembers what its like to be 27.

The Scary side of 20’s/ Deep Thought

Bad news not on the good side of 25 anymore. Worse news, for the first time I’m aware of it. Even more worse news, stagnating also for the first time in Life.
Like Jerry Maguire says in his mission statement, these are scary times we live in (Maybe not in those exact same words but to the same effect). Anyway given my old creaky body, have also had many pondering moments. So I was just thinking last evening...
"When did it all stop being fun and start being scary?"

For Starters, less that a year ago life was hunky dory. I was on was constantly on a roll. It was always about how can this hideous thing be made more fun. I never had any trouble getting along with people, I could have a drink with almost anyone and actually find some common ground to talk about. If it was raining when I was in office like it is now, I would have without another thought jumped in and got wet and even dragged someone in with me.

But of late I’m finding most of it an…
South of the Border/West of the Sun

Read this fantastic novel.. Mind-blowing. Brilliant. Inspiring. Poignant. And a lot more. My first Murakami. Can’t believe have spent last 15 formative years reading and missed Murakami. Shattered.

Warmly written, Brilliantly characterized, simply put and honestly written, it also has a really cool cover(original reason I bought the book)

Cheers! To more Murakami (The only Jap I actually like)
Harry Met Sally/ To Love
Given fluctuating romantic status and even more fluctuating mood swings, to say the least have been excessively Emotional. Now quoting romance movies (though I do it slyly and pretend it was my own musing) is not really my style. More in the arena of good friend Shivali who writes in her little dairy in dark cinema halls when she hears, what she thinks in a good quote.
Anyway, Like stated given present condition was just flipping through channels last night when caught the last 10 minutes of Harry Met Sally. And was overwhelmed by what Harry tells Sally in the end.
He says:
'I came here tonight because when you realise you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.'
Deep. Terrifying.
White/ Elusive White that slips me by

Continuing in state of despair, my shattered world has shattered even more. And this time, a completely stranger woman person shattered it even more.


She was wearing a white pant that was spotless and creaseless. How Oh How is that possible?How a dozen reasons why I can’t wear white and hence feel suicidal and shattered (Here I describe my average day)?
First, wake up and stumble towards the loo. Accidentally step on sleeping dog. Earth dog takes form of vicious attacking alien and rips pajamasClutching ripped pajamas charge to loo only to find it occupied by other members if familyFamily member does not arrive for next 45 minutes by which time about to pass out from ammonia overdoseCharge to loo, relieve oneself.No time to wait for geyser to heat up so take bath in ice cold waterCharge out, step on sleeping dog and get viciously attacked againWolf down breakfastDrop some food on oneself. No time to change so try to charge out when vicious dog ha…