To other Bridgets

Read Bridget Jones, The edge of truth for the 375th time over the last weekend. Love this book. Even more, love this woman.

For a long time honestly believed Helen Fielding has been inspired by me while characterising Ms. Jones. Then spoke to 10 other girls who told me, Bridget Jones is sooooo them. So what them makes all working girls above 25 feel like they are Bridget Jones?
Is it the mad hair? The haywire financial and Love life? The one perfect guy that gets away and comes back? Is it the ever-supporting friends whose solution to most problems is alcohol? The psychotic mother? I don’t know, maybe its all of it. Maybe at the heart of it Bridget Jones is just a really really insightful book.
Or maybe Helen Fielding remembers what its like to be 27.


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