As the year THUNDERS to the end

After months of nothing but replies to stinker mails from clients, I return not triumphant but eager to my own space of personal madness.

Also just realised after being asked for the 100th time what my new year plans are (always a bit slow on the uptake), that in 13 days it will be 2007.

So here what the last 6 months have been like.

Besides replying to not so nice emails, I also: Lost my baby CRYSTA, missed yet another trip to Goa, got moved to shitty new account, fought a lot with people I work with.

Stop fighting with God and traded hair straightening chemicals to embrace natural hair.Realised natural hair thanks to advertising was rapidly turning grey. Rebelled against god yet again and coloured it. Found a new hair stylist who told me I was a ‘cool’ person and then proceeded to colour my hair blond.
So now have mad blond hair which I’ve decided I quite like.

Finally finished reading Bush in Babylon and have rejoined anti-America tirade with renewed vigour.

Read The Beach again and fretted on becoming a guide book traveller who would never be invited to the beach. Cursed lonely planet for leaving no space in the world lonely. Then feverishly prayed that Lonely planet would hire me as a writer

Went to Hampi. Re-discovered physical activity and cycled 30kms in 3 days.( A lot by my standards)

Went to Kochi. Threw stones at my old college.

Stunted rapidly depleting Bollywood IQ by watching KANK (which I hated) and Lage Raho Munnabhai, Pyar ka Side effects, Don, Dhoom 2,etc etc. So back to conducting long intellectual conversations on the subject.

Shopped a lot so replenished bare wardrobe. Went a lot to Mumbai. Drank a lot in Mumbai. Incidentally also drank a lot in Bangalore. Behaved badly on one occasion.

Finally applied for a month’s leave end of the year. Growled at any one who dared suggested I prepone/postpone. True to advertising, leave got cancelled.

Gaining domestic control finally got my stereo repaired. But then the TV and DVD blew, thanks to power fluctuations. Due to lack of visual entertainment relied heavily on the audio medium. Discovered Radio Indigo so now a dedicated listener every morning.

Decided to buy a new car. Due to continuing bad finances decided otherwise
Promised myself that I would take care of my existing car better.

Watched India lose yet another match.

Watched Sreeshant’s dance and got a bit scared. Though appreciate the spirit of the matter

Decided to move to client’s side of the business. Decided to do a new resume. Decided to actively look for a new job. Then did nothing.

Took a mad puppy home. Adopted another dog in office. Heard about two golden retriever puppies that died in succession.

Got grilled by parents on the marriage burner. Still continuing to fiercely hold on to singledom.

Shubha got married. Proving that there is divine justice in the world, she got married to Malayalee Christian.

Shivali’s decided her wedding date.

Rachna had another baby girl. I’m convinced that though it’s not possible, that this one takes after me as baby girl’s interest revolves only around sleeping and eating.

That’s pretty much been my time away from my blog. The other stuff in the period is inconsequential and not worth a mention

And the only thing that continues to worry me

Still have no plans for New Year.


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