Dissent in Ranks

I write this much in shock of the younger generation and the times that we live in today. I’ve now realised advertising and advertising agencies and no longer what we knew and loved. No longer are we living in an era where agencies had one junior ‘flunk’ (I love this term) in the system who got harassed by all and sundry.

Instead the trainees/ low lives/ flunks are now a new breed of savvy people who know how to get about pretty much everything. Forget harassing them you’ll actually be quite lucky to get one of them to look at you. No longer is this a set of meek people who agree to anything you tell them, but people who tell you what they want you to tell them. Gone is the age of innocence and discovery and instead it is replaced with knowledge of every advertising book written and articles in every month’s cosmopolitan about how to tell you boss off. And now they come in large numbers. Agencies on an average have 10 trainees across all departments, so this demon is certainly not alone and more importantly certainly not the frightened, meek submissive thing you were expecting.

They spend their day planning their evenings together and they spend their nights figuring out more fun stuff they can do in office the next day. They are the life of any office party, they once who can drink the most and the ones that are always the first on the dance floor. They are the once supposed to be learning but somehow you’re the one that learns the most around them. What hair colour is in / what jeans are Oh so out, where all the cool people are hanging out, who is sleeping with who in office while they are supposed to be sleeping with a totally third person, so on and so forth.

These are scary times we live in and if you want to find out how much scarier it’s become in recent times, step into my parlour.


kalpana said…
what time does ur parlor open? and when i get there i wanna see u writing:)

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